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Ethos, Values & Aims

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Word of the Week


Empathy means …
understanding what others are feeling because you have experienced it yourself or you can imagine experiencing it.

You can `put yourself in their shoes`

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Previous Words of the Week


We considered ….

What is respect and how will it look in our school?

  • How you treat others
  • Being thoughtful about people’s feelings
  • Looking out for other people, property and the environment



Treat other people how YOU would like to be treated.

Help people who need it

Listen to your friends

Hold open a door for someone

Smile at someone you don’t normally speak to

Ask someone to join you on the playground


Teamwork is defined as the combined action of a group.

This week in order to rely a clear message about Teamwork, during Assembly children worked against each in pairs and Year 6 demonstrated how WORKING TOGETHER can be more effective.


Something that you hope to achieve

– What do you hope to achieve?
– How will you achieve it?
– What more can you do?