Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is a Government initiative that targets extra money at pupils from low-income families. The premium is provided to school in order to assist teachers and schools to support these pupils in reaching their potential. The Government have used pupils entitled to Free School meals (FSM) as an indicator for Pupil Premium.


The aims of Pupil Premium Funding is to ensure disadvantaged pupils make consistently good progress across school and to raise attainment to be in line with national average and year group expectations:

  • To ensure identified disadvantaged pupils make accelerate progress
  • To deliver intervention programmes alongside quality first teaching
  • To ensure pupil premium funding is allocated to enhance a pupil’s school experience and to directly improve their life chances
  • Residential visits to be paid in full/subsidised for identified pupils
  • To raise attendance & punctuality of identified pupils
  • To provide support for the families of disadvantaged pupils