Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

We are incredibly excited about continuing our journey together at Harden Primary School.

We are excited for all the new opportunities and experiences that we have and all the memories we will make and share together.

We will be developing our Literacy and Numeracy skills further and we will begin to grow into independent and inquisitive learners.

The Staff in Year 1

me               rebecca

Miss Waterhouse                        Mrs Berry

(Class Teacher)                    (Teaching Assistant)

Useful Information

PE Days

This half term (September – October 2016), Year 1’s PE days are Monday and Friday.

Changing reading books

Your child will be issued with a Library book and a Home reading book. Library books will be changed on a Friday. Your child does not have to change it weekly, however if it is lost there is a replacement charge of £5 per book.

Home reading books will also be changed weekly on a daily timetable. Please refer to the timetable on the classroom door or the label in the front cover of home journals.

Your child will have their book changed on the same day every week. Please ensure they have their reading book and reading record in school on that day.

Class event

We will be holding 3 class events, 1 per term. This is a chance for you to come into school so we can showcase all the work the children have been doing. In order to make it as fair as possible I will try and hold them at different times in the day as I know everyone has different work commitments.

You will be able to have a look at the work we have done so far and it is also an opportunity for you to have a look at the classroom and the children’s books.


Email address

I have set up an email address for you to share any progress and learning that your child has done at home. You may want to share pictures of their work or write and explanation of something fantastic they have done. It doesn’t have to be related to their education it could just be a big mile stone for them e.g. going straight to sleep when they are put to bed! You will not receive a response from this email however, it can be discussed with your child at school and where appropriate, it can be stuck in their book at school. I hope this will be a great and easy way to share your child’s achievements at home with me at school!




Each week we suggest that there are three activities to be done at home that support the work we are doing in school.

Number Zumba-

This is a ‘learn by heart target’ that is personalised to your child. This is number target your child needs to work on and will be tested on it in class. If your child is successful in their test then they move on to another target within that colour band. Once all the targets within a colour band are achieved they will change colour band. This is a fun, energetic and fast paced session in school and so quick recall is a very important.

There are a number of ways you can support your child:

recalling them in the car/ writing them out in a different order/ writing them in chalk/ post it notes



This is a list of spellings/ high frequency words that your child needs to be able to write confidently in order to be able to apply it to their every day writing. As well as know the word in isolation, it is also very important that they can write their spellings in the context of sentence writing – so it is worth dictating the words in the context of a familiar sentence, e.g. if the word is ‘some’, you could dictate, “I have some sweets.”

There are a number of ways you can support your child:

making the words out of magnetic letters/ chalking the words/ writing them on post it notes/ playing splat/ hiding the word/ making silly sentence with the word in…. speak to a member of the class team if you require some fresh ideas!



We encourage that you read with your child at least 3 or 4 times a week reading the leveled reading book sent home from school.

Can you find… the title? the author ? the front cover…?
If your child has previously read the book, show them the front cover and ask them to retell the story in their own words.

Support them with questions like:
What happened next? Can you remember why that happened?
Looking at the front cover- What do you think this book is about? What do you think might happen?
Make sure to ask children the meaning of a new word in a book. Can you tell me what that word means?

Encourage your child to make links between the words and pictures.
Can you point to the illustration of the … Talk about the feelings of the characters as the story progresses. Encourage more ambitious vocabulary than ‘happy’ and ‘sad’. Suggested words: upset, worried, anxious, excited, sleepy, angry, How do they feel? How does that make them feel? How would you feel if that happened to you?

Ask your child to make predictions before turning a page or at the end of the story. What do you think is going to happen? Why?
What do you think they do next?


In Year 1 –


Spellings will go out in home journals on Mondays and the children will be tested on them the following Monday. Please ensure home journals are in school every Monday.

Number Zumba

Number Zumba targets go out in home journals on a Friday and the children will be tested on them the following Friday. Please ensure home journals are in school every Friday.


Summer 2 term homework (OPTIONAL set: 23.5.17) 

For our final half term together our topic is ‘Bears’.

To hook us into our topic, and give the children confidence from the beginning, we will start by retelling the story of Goldilocks and the tree bears.

For your homework I would like you to practise retelling the story in preparartion for when we write it after the holiday.

I have given everyone a copy of the story map to go alongside the book. This has gone in book bags and should help you to retell it. You might even like to make up your own actions to share with the class when we get back.

Have a great holiday.

Miss Waterhouse :)


Curriculum Update

February – March

The outdoors

I would like to update you on our learning for the rest of the spring term in Year 1. We have finished our Space topic which the children have seemed to really enjoy and learn a lot from.

For the second half of the spring term our topic is now ‘The Outdoors’ and we are focusing on a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts.


As I mentioned in the autumn term update letter, we are continuously working on the ‘non-negotiables’ for writing. These are not negotiable because they are skills they should have met in Reception. If you know your child is still inconsistent with any of these it is very helpful if you point this out to them when they are writing at home so that they can correct themselves.

  • Writing sitting on the lines
  • Neat cursive handwriting
  • Using Phonics to sound out and spell words.
  • Finger spaces

We will be continuing to develop the children’s understanding of full stops, capital letters and adjectives whilst also introducing new skills such as basic punctuation, ! & ?, capital letters for Pronouns and names, verbs, nouns, speech and writing narratives.

The children will continue to have daily, differentiated, discrete phonics lessons. This will support and develop their literacy skills alongside their reading and handwriting/spelling lessons. The children have now completed 2 practice Phonics tests and are used to the format. Please encourage your children to find the diagraphs (ai, ee, oo etc)/trigraphs (igh, ear, ure, air), in the word when they are reading as this will support them in the test.

We will be looking at fiction and non-fiction texts based around our ‘Space’ theme to spark imagination in their writing. We will be experimenting with different ways of writing such as short narratives, instructions, changing the text and adding in speech.

We will continue to develop skills with structured reading sessions which will utilise their comprehension and spelling as well as their ability to transfer their phonic skills to blend and segment words.


In numeracy the children will be developing their understanding of money, fractions and solving simple multiplication and division problems using arrays.  During mental math sessions we will continue to ensure the children can count confidently up to 100 forwards and backwards from any given number and count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. We will continue to make reference to place value and addition and subtraction. It would be useful to try and incorporate this into your daily life by allowing you child to use money in a shop, share sweets/grapes out between 2 and 4 people and complete simple metal arithmetic problems, for example, we have 8 cups on the table if we added 5 more/took 5 away how many would we have left?

 Topic and Cross Curricular

Our topic will cover lots of Science as we will look closely at animals.

We will be incorporating Art and Design into our topic to investigate different ways of displaying our ideas and findings.

Physical Development, Music & Spanish

In PE we will be improving our skills in gymnastics. Our PE days are a Monday and a Thursday.

In music we will be playing tuned and un-tuned instruments to make and combine sounds musically.

The children have already begun their Spanish Curriculum in Reception and this will continue weekly in Year 1.

Personal, Social, Emotional and Citizenship

Our PSE development will run through all areas of the curriculum, developing confidence, learning to become more independent, developing friendships and respect for ourselves and others. In addition to this we will have a weekly circle time on a Tuesday to discuss any issues or topics that have arisen during the week.

Dates for your diary & Messages

  • Please continue to practice spellings and Number Zumba weekly.
  • A baking contribution of £8 is still welcome from anyone who has not yet donated. Thank you to all that have already contributed. This can either be given in 1 amount or £4 now and £4 in February. We will be baking every other week on a Wednesday with our skilled baking volunteer.
  • Stick day: Wednesday 1st March
  • Parent event- Thursday 6th April
  • Parents evening: Tuesday 21st March & Wednesday 22nd March

Thank you for all your support! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask either of us.

Miss Waterhouse and Mrs Berry

Here are some photos of our learning so far :)

IMG_3892 IMG_3891


IMG_3890 IMG_3889 IMG_3888 IMG_3887 IMG_3886 IMG_3885 IMG_3884 IMG_3883 IMG_3882


Phonics is a crucial tool to support your child’s ability to read and write.
In year 1 we have 8 desecrate Phonics sessions per week, 4 with an adult and 4 completing a directed independent using and applying activities and games. The children will be encouraged to use and apply these skills independently across all areas of the curriculum. Please encourage your child to use their phonics to support their reading and writing at home.

In year 1 we will have the Phonics Screening check. This is an assessment of your child’s ability to segment and blend to read real and non-sense words. It includes 20 real words and 20 non-sense words. The inclusion of non-sense words indicates if your child can truly recognise the sounds in the word rather than guessing the word based on what it sounds like.

An information evening will be held for parents nearer the date of the screening. 


We love to bake in Year 1! Watch this space for some pictures.

IMG_3897 IMG_3898 IMG_3900 IMG_3905 IMG_3907 IMG_3913 IMG_3914


Our trip for the Autumn term is to Yorkshire Wild life Park on Monday 31st October.

Please find the letter attached in the Year 1 letters section.

Our trip for the Spring term is to Eureka! on Tuesday 24th January.

Please find the letter attached in the year 1 letters section.



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