Year 6

Welcome to year 6

Our class is a vibrant place of learning and independent thinking. We pursue a creative outlook and challenge ourselves to seek a deep and broad understanding of the curriculum. Our goal is to develop academically, and prepare for life beyond year 6.





The Staff in Year 6

In Year 6, as well as having Mr Weston as our full-time teacher, we are also fortunate to benefit from Mrs Buckroyd, who will be teaching on Wednesdays and Thursdays to allow the opportunity to work in smaller class groups. Our Teaching Assistants will mostly be Mrs Parker and Mr Maiden, however, Mrs Ashington is also timetabled to teach Art & DT regularly in Year 6 too.


Mr Weston

Mr Weston – Deputy Head & Class 6 Teacher

Mrs Buckroyd – Class 6 Teacher (Part-time)

Mrs Parker

Mrs Parker – Teaching Assistant

Useful Information

Useful information:

PE takes place on Tuesdays and Fridays and children should come into school in their PE uniform on these days.


English & Maths Revision Links


Maths & English past SATs papers – click here


KS2 SATs Dates:

Monday 8th May – English Reading

Tuesday 9th May – English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Paper 1: Questions

Tuesday 9th May – English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Paper 2: Spelling

Wednesday 10th May – Mathematics Paper 1: Arithmetic

Wednesday 10th May – Mathematics Paper 2: Reasoning

Thursday 11th May – Mathematics Paper 3: Reasoning


Number Zumba is given out weekly, consisting of targetted mental maths ‘learn by heart facts’ that children are tested on each week. Children will also be given differentiated spellings each week that they will also be expected to learn for a weekly test. Number Zumba and Spellings will be recorded in their Home Journal each week. Projects will also be set and last a few weeks at a time.


Any written homework that is part of projects would be best supported by parents/carers helping their children to plan and draft, then by checking their drafts for good grammar and varied punctuation. It would also be really helpful if you could re-enforce lots of times tables practice too.


Please also continue to support your child at home by checking and encouraging them to read regularly and to record this in their Home Journal. It will assist your children to discuss what they’ve read, as this will not only consolidate their comprehension skills but will also develop their evaluative skills too.

Curriculum Update


Year 6 recently enjoyed a fabulous trip to the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford. During the trip they participated in an animation workshop, watched the Film ‘A Beautiful Planet’ in 3D and undertook a research expedition around the museum.


Here are some of the photos of their exploits!

Animation 1 Animation 2 Animation 3
Animation 6 Animation 5Animation 9 Animation 11
Animation 13 Animation 14 Games 1 Games 2 Games 3 Games 4 Imax 1 Magic Factory 1 Magic Factory 2 Magic Factory 3 Magic Factory 4 Research 1 Research 2 Research 3


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