Reception Number Zumba Homework

Dear Parents/Carers

Next week we are launching our new Number Zumba homework targets for Reception Class.

The new Number Zumba homework targets will be given as a two weekly learning cycle to enable the children to practise a target and progress within the same target. The children will be ‘tested’ weekly (so they will be tested twice on each target). In Reception class, this will be very informal and treated like a ‘quiz’ or ‘quick challenge’ for the children to complete in a supportive group task.

The targets are all taken from the EYFS objectives for Reception class. Your child will be given the same target as the other children in the class but these will vary in difficulty to meet each child’s individual needs. Your child will be given a coloured Zumba level (Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum) which will explain what your child needs to practise; they will also be given examples of practise activities to complete if you wish.  If your child is successful in week 1, they will be moved on to the next colour level for the second week.

The purpose of the Number Zumba targets are for children to be able to recall / use the facts rapidly and so they need to learn these off by heart; this is the reason that the children are assessed with a time limit. All children will be given the opportunity to complete the test even after the time limit has passed to enable staff to assess their understanding of the target.

Each term, the children will be given the opportunity to revisit the targets given so far, to assess if they have retained these facts.

If you wish to discuss any aspect of the new Number Zumba homework, please don’t hesitate to speak to a member of Reception team.


Kind Regards

Leanne Ruddock
Assistant Head
Harden Primary School