Our Governors

Every school must have a governing body in order to operate.  The Governing Body helps to ensure that the following key areas in the school are carried out to the highest standards:

  • Educational achievement of all pupils
  • School’s finances
  • Balanced curriculum
  • Appointing staff and reviewing staff performance
  • Safeguarding and behaviour of pupils

Governors are appointed for a four year term.  The appointment of parent governors is carried out by an election when a current parent governor comes to the end of their term of office. Parents of the school decide who they want to be the next parent governor. Other governors are nominated, for example staff governors are nominated by the school. There are some instances where the governors will appoint certain governors themselves where they see that a certain skill is needed which cannot be met by existing governors, such as legal or financial skills.

Local Advisory Board Governors

Governor Name Governor Type Governor Position / Responsibililties Board Initial Start Date Date From (current term) End Date Declarations of Interest
Mrs S Bottomley Community Chair of Governors Local 21.11.2011 01.10.2018 01.10.2020 None
Mrs J Wakefield Community Vice Chair  Local 22.02.2012 01.10.2018 01.10.2020 None
Mr A Hurst Community   Local 18.11.2013 01.10.2018 01.10.2020 Partner at Schofield Sweeney, school’s legal advisors
Mrs S Dunwell Parent   Local 04.03.2016 01.10.2018 01.10.2020 None
Mr D Jacques C.E.O.   Trust 01.10.2018 01.10.2018   None
Mrs K Hutchinson Headteacher   Local 01.09.2014 01.10.2018   None
Mrs L Ruddock Staff   Local 29.06.2015 01.10.2018 01.10.2020 None
Mrs N Frear Staff   Local 29.06.2015 201.10.2018 01.10.2020 None
Mr P Taylor Clerk   Local 01.10.2018 01.10.2018   None
Governors whose term ended in the academic year 2017/18 (HPS)              
Mr J Wright Co-Opted Chair of Finance Finance & Buildings  01.02.2017 31.08.2018 31.08.2018 None
Governors whose term ended in the academic year 2018/19              
Mr S Walker Parent   Local 27.03.2014 01.10.2018 11.10.2018 None
Mrs J Simpson Community   Local 22.01.2017 01.10.2018 23.11.2018 None


Governor Attendance at Meetings

To view a full list of Governor attendances at Full Governing Body, Executive Committee and Teaching & Learning Committee meetings please click on the links below:

2017/18 Academic Year

2016/17 Academic Year

2015/16 Academic Year

2014/15 Academic Year


Harden Primary School Financial Accounts

For a copy of Harden Primary School’s Financial Accounts (up to 31st August 2018)  please click on the links below:

Up to 31st August 2015

Up to 31st August 2016

Up to 31st August 2017

Up to 31st August 2018


Academy Finance and Governance

Harden Primary School proudly joined Exceed Academies Trust on the 1st October 2018.  Documentation relating to Exceed Academies Trust can be found on their website.  Alternatively, please click on the links below to view copies of documentation.

Annual Report & Financial Statement 2017

Articles of Association

Schemes of Delegation

Terms of Reference – LGB

Terms of Reference – Risk & Audit Committee

Terms of Business

Trustees – Register of Interests 2018-2019

Please click on the link here to be directed to Exceed Academies Trust.